Cannabis Bookkeeping

Your bookkeeping should be the bedrock upon which all other financial services are built. If you have bad bookkeeping, you’re going to have bad books, bad projections, and bad tax planning. We ensure your finances are in a steady state.

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Did you know?

50% of small businesses fail within the first five years due to poor financial management during their startup phase

70% of businesses that fail due to poor financial management have in-house bookkeeping and accounting

Businesses that outsource their bookkeeping experience a 40% reduction in operation costs and 4% increase in profitability

Cannabis Accounting Is Complex

The tax rules of 280E profoundly impact how you should be maintaining your cannabis business’ books. Maximizing your tax savings requires industry-specific knowledge. Dark Horse Cannabis CPAs will not only maximize your savings but will provide books that help drive your business forward.

Services Include

  • Weekly/Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Bill Pay (accounts payable) Outsourcing
  • Tax Estimate Calculations
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Payroll
  • Embedding Receipts within Financial Statements
  • Invoicing Support & Outsourcing
  • Chart of Accounts Customization

Come One, Come All

We work with all businesses in the cannabis industry—from seed to sale!

Meet the Cannabis CPA Team

When you work with Dark Horse, you work with people. Get to know our people below.

Kerri L.
In the couple of months that Sarah and I have been working together, she's been very generous with her time, knowledge, and support. She's both excited by and patient with my questions, as I really like to understand why things are what they are. She's also willing to learn with me, which is always awesome. Life is just so much more wonderful when professional services are conducted by feeling humans.

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Why Dark Horse?

We work in the industry because we are passionate about the industry. We want to see your Canna-Business succeed, and we'll do everything we can to help you along the way.

Meet Our People
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Get a personable and experienced Cannabis CPA who uniquely knows what your business needs to thrive.

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